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Brett Akey’s 1978 352 Peterbilt Cabover Truck Tour


In the world of trucking enthusiasts, few vehicles command as much respect and admiration as the 1978 352 Peterbilt Cabover Truck owned by Brett Akey. This iconic truck, with its timeless design and powerful performance, has captured the hearts of trucking enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will take a comprehensive tour of Brett Akey's 1978 352 Peterbilt Cabover Truck, exploring its history, specifications, and its enduring legacy in the trucking community.

The History of the 1978 352 Peterbilt Cabover

The Peterbilt 352 Cabover was introduced in the late 1970s as a successor to the popular Peterbilt 351 model. Known for its distinctive cabover design, the 352 was an instant hit among truck drivers for its functionality and style. Brett Akey's particular 1978 model holds a special place in the trucking world due to its excellent condition and meticulous restoration.

Specifications of the 1978 352 Peterbilt Cabover

  1. Engine: Brett Akey's Peterbilt 352 is powered by a formidable Caterpillar 3406A inline-six diesel engine, known for its reliability and robust performance.

  2. Transmission: It features a manual 13-speed transmission that provides precise control and efficient power delivery.

  3. Cab and Interior: The spacious cab is equipped with all the necessary amenities for long-haul trucking. The interior has been restored to its original glory, featuring comfortable seats and a well-maintained dashboard.

  4. Exterior: The truck's exterior showcases the iconic Peterbilt design with its distinctive square grille, dual round headlights, and cabover configuration. The exterior has been meticulously restored, with the classic Peterbilt red paint gleaming like new.

  5. Axles and Suspension: Akey's 1978 Peterbilt 352 is equipped with heavy-duty axles and a robust suspension system, making it suitable for hauling various loads.

Legacy and Impact

Brett Akey's 1978 352 Peterbilt Cabover Truck serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of classic trucks in the trucking community. Its restoration and preservation efforts not only pay homage to the history of trucking but also inspire a new generation of truck enthusiasts.