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Kenworth W900L - 3 Stick Shifting


The Kenworth W900L is a heavy-duty truck that is often used for long hauls and heavy loads. It is known for its classic styling and rugged durability.

The 3-stick shifting in the Kenworth W900L refers to a manual transmission with three separate gear levers that the driver uses to control the transmission. The first stick controls the low range of gears, the second stick controls the high range of gears, and the third stick controls the splitter, which allows the driver to split gears and achieve finer control over the transmission.

With a 3-stick shifting transmission, the driver has greater control over the vehicle's speed and power output. This can be especially important when hauling heavy loads or navigating steep terrain. However, driving a truck with a manual transmission requires skill and practice, as the driver must coordinate shifting with the clutch and accelerator pedals to keep the vehicle moving smoothly.

Overall, the Kenworth W900L with a 3-stick shifting transmission is a powerful and capable vehicle that is popular among truck drivers who value the control and flexibility that a manual transmission provides.